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Undelivered/bounced Email delivery

Undelivered/bounced Email delivery

When your document has a warning triangle in the document archive, it means that your counterpart has not received the invitation with the link to the document. If the e-mail with your document link bounces, this will almost always be because the e-mail address doesn't exist.

What to do when a sent document has failed and not delivered

Before contacting Oneflow support, we recommend you check the following:

  • Web page URL and spelling
    The most common causes are either the wrong ending for the web page ("se/no/dk/", etc. instead of "com" or vice versa) or the name is spelled wrong.
  • Check the counterparty's e-mail
    Use the counterparty's e-mail from the document and send them a regular e-mail from your inbox. If you get an error message in your inbox saying the e-mail is wrong, please contact your counterparty to double-check their address.
  • I've modified the counterparty's e-mail, but now I can't click "Send". Will my counterparty get the e-mail?
    Yes! The system will send the document link automatically when you change the e-mail address to the valid one. However, you can also message participants by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner and send new message. You can read more about how to send a reminder here.
  • The recipient's e-mail address is correct, but the document is not delivered. What can I do?
    Please, request your recipient to check their spam inbox. If they can't find the document there, ask them to contact their IT manager and see if they can check for any undelivered e-mails from Oneflow. We're happy to help if they need any additional details. Your recipient's mail provider may have settings that block e-mails from Oneflow, including inboxes, firewalls, or security settings. Although we do everything we can to ensure your emails are delivered, we can't influence the recipient's settings. Also, consider rewriting your messages into something less likely to be recognized as spam. 
If you have done everything above and still need help, you are welcome to contact Oneflow support. 

Can I check the status of my e-mail?

Yes! If you're curious to know if and why the system blocked an e-mail, please contact the Oneflow support ( and provide details about the document ID and e-mail that failed to reach its recipient. 

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