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Delivery methods

Oneflow offers you several ways to deliver a contract to a counterpart. Please note that only Administrators can enable other delivery methods besides email.

Choosing a delivery channel

Open a template. In the sidebar menu to the right under "Settings", you'll find a dropdown menu marked "Delivery channel".

Provided that you have enabled them, three options will be available:

By email

The most common way to deliver a contract - fill in your counterpart's email adress, save and click "Send contract". Your counterpart will receive an email with a link to your contract, and can sign from the application by using the green "Sign"-button.


An SMS invitation will incur a cost of 1-2 SEK (depending on the length of your message), so an Administrator needs to enable SMS for your user accounts before you can use it.

This is done from Settings - choose SMS preferences from the left sidebar menu and click "Enable".

Fill in your counterpart's phone number into their contact information. You counterpart will then receive an SMS with a link to the contract. If they wish, they can forward the contract to their email inbox.

Same device
This delivery channel is fitting when you have your counterpart in the same space as you, perhaps in a store or meeting. You counterpart can view your offer on your device, and afterwards you click the link provided in the right sidebar menu:

A new tab will open where your counterpart can confirm their identity and sign. You counterpart can also have the offer sent to their device by providing their email address, both before and after signing.

This delivery method will require a Signatory counterpart to confirm their identity via SMS verification or electronic identification (BankID). Read more about SMS verification and signing here.

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