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Create a contract / agreement in Membrain

As a Membrain and Oneflow user, you can create Oneflow contracts and follow their status directly from Membrain. 

The workflow with this integration consists of three steps and requires that at least one of the contract signatories has access to the Oneflow Workspace:

Step 1. Create a Oneflow contract

In this guide, the contract is created from a step in a Sales Project. However, you can also create contracts in the Prospects and Account Growth projects if the tool setup in your organization's Membrain Account allows.

  1. Go to the Sales project from which you want to create a Oneflow contract.

  2. Click the Oneflow Contract/Agreement step.

  3. To create a new contract, click Create.

    Alternatively, click Choose Existing to link a contract created in Oneflow to this step in Membrain:


  1. Select the template you want to use (the list of available templates is set up and added by the Membrain Admin.) 

  2. Verify the information you're sending to Oneflow when creating the contract. If anything is missing or needs to be changed, please cancel this dialog and make the corresponding changes.
  3. Select contract roles for everyone involved in the contract. In the following dialog, the available contacts are the sales project Owner, and Stakeholders added to the sales project (external or internal).

To create a contract, the contract roles Signatory 1 and Signatory 2 are mandatory. Typically, this is someone from your company and the stakeholders from your counterparty.


  1. When all contract roles are assigned, click Create Agreement in Oneflow.

Note: To complete the creation of the contract, at least one of the signatories should have access to the Oneflow Workspace. Ideally, this should be the sales project owner or, for example, an internal stakeholder who manages your Oneflow contracts.

Step 2. Send the contract

After successfully creating a contract through Membrain, a new window will automatically open in Oneflow. If you are already signed in to Oneflow, you will be redirected right to the contract.

On the contract page in Oneflow, you can make changes, add or remove information to the contract. When everything is set, click Send.


Step 3. Check the contract status

To view the last known contract status, hover over or click the step where you created the contract. The status is provided by Oneflow and is updated as it becomes available.


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