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Create a contract using Oneflow for Salesforce

Please note collections are now called workspaces.

Oneflow for Salesforce allows you to create contracts directly from opportunities using our custom Oneflow Contract List component or related lists based on your existing Oneflow Templates.

To create contracts, every user must have: 

  • A license with either Oneflow Administrator or Oneflow User permissions sets 
  • The same email both on Salesforce and Oneflow
  • Run Flows permission.

To create a contract:

  1. Navigate to an opportunity and click on the New button on Oneflow Component List or Related List.
  2. Select contract data from Salesforce to send to Oneflow:
    Choose from Contacts related to the Opportunity's Account or Opportunity's Contact Roles to which participants you would like to send the contract. It's possible to sort the participant order directly from Salesforce and use participants from different Accounts. 
    - Data Fields (Optional)
    Data fields on Templates/Contracts are placeholders that are populated with the values from Salesforce Fields. Fields previously configured are sent to Oneflow on Contract Creation. Check our support article on how to set up and choose which fields are sent.
    - Files (Optional)
    If the template chosen has only one Attachment Section,  files or attachments of any type are shown on the contract in Attachments Section.
    - Products (Optional)
    Check our support article on workflows to send products to Oneflow.
    - PDFs (Optional)
    In case the template chosen has only one PDF Section then files or attachments of PDF type are shown expanded on the contract in the PDF Section. 

Example of a contract created using Related Lists:

Check the example video below on how to create contracts using Oneflow Contract list:

Check our article to choose which information is shown on the Oneflow Contracts - Related List.

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