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Opportunity Stage Mapping flow customization

The Oneflow Opportunity Stage Mapping feature lets you automate Opportunity Stage transitions based on the state of a Oneflow document. 

By default, the Stage Mapping flow is inactive in Oneflow for Salesforce. 

You can find the Opportunity Stage Mapping feature using the following path:
Setup > Flows > Oneflow Contract/Opportunity Stage Mapping

The flow looks as follows:

Any change in a Oneflow contract state triggers this flow. Once a contract state changes in Oneflow, an event is passed to Salesforce. The default flow checks whether the Oneflow configuration was set to create Multiple Contracts or only one contract per object. 

If the Multiple Contracts configuration is enabled, the flow does nothing and ends to ensure that the change of state of multiple contracts does not conflict with the Opportunity stage. Then the flow fetches the opportunity related to the contract.

You can modify the flow to get any Salesforce object from which the contract was created. The flow takes one of the paths defined in the flow based on the state change of the contract. Depending on your needs, you can assign an opportunity stage. This means that the opportunity stage is changed to the value you assign each time a contract reaches a specific state, such as New Contract, Pending (Sent), Opened, Signed, Declined, or Overdue.

If you don’t want to change the stage of the Opportunity depending on the Oneflow contract state, delete the orange Assignment box from the flow. Otherwise, the flow will fail as the Opportunity stage is not defined by default. 

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