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Setting permissions

To run Oneflow for Salesforce application, users must be assigned a license. They must also have permission to use the Oneflow for Salesforce app, read access to the fields configured in the Data Fields setting, and the Run Flows permission.

Note: The Run Flow permission is not required for users with the System administrator role.


A license is required for Salesforce Users to view or create contracts.

For help learning how to assign Licenses see the "Manage Licenses" section on Getting Started - Oneflow Configuration page.

In case more licenses are required, please reach out to your CSM or contact our support team.

Permission sets

The easiest way to ensure that your users have the requisite permissions is to grant them one of two permissions sets, that come with the Oneflow for Salesforce application.

  • Oneflow Administrator - Gives the user permissions required to create, view contracts and configure the application settings.

  • Oneflow User - Gives the user permissions required to create and view contracts.

Run Flows

Users are required to have permission "Run Flows" enabled, this permission can be granted for each profile or in a collective way by creating a new permission set with "Run Flows" or modifying an existing one to achieve this.

"Run flows" permission can be found at profile level under General User Settings or Systems Permissions on Permission sets.

Data fields

When creating a contract, users are required to have access to all the fields selected on “Data Configuration” for Opportunity, Account, Contact, and User. Either check the field level security for each field in question, or create a permission set to give access to all the necessary fields and assign it to your users.

Delete Contracts

Contract Owners are free to delete contracts. However, only System Administrator Users are allowed to delete signed contracts.

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