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Set default workspace and templates for contracts

You can skip choosing workspace and templates when creating a contract by specifying the default workspace and templates.

To do this, we have created a new Screen component that you can use in Screen Flows. When adding a new Screen component to your flow, you'll see the Oneflow Contracts for Flows component listed there.

Configure the Screen component

On the right, you can define the following attributes:

  • API Name - required. The name of the Screen inside the flow.
  • recordId - required. The variable contains the record ID for the object in which the flow is placed.
  • Template - optional. Enter Oneflow the default template name (case sensitive).
  • Template -Show Only - optional. When the default emplate is specified, the Template list will only show this option.
  • Workspace - optional. Enter the default Oneflow workspace name (case sensitive).
  • Workspace -Show Only - optional. When the default workspace is specified, the Workspace list will only show this option.

To better understand how to use the configuration options above, imagine the following scenario where you have two workspaces and three templates inside each workspace for example:

  • Sweden(Workspace)
    • Template A
    • Template B
    • Template C
  • Norway(Workspace)
    • Template 1
    • Template 2 
    • Template 3
  1. To predefine Sweden as the default workspace, in the Workspace option, enter Sweden.
  2. To predefine Norway as the default workspace, in the Workspace option, enter Norway
  3. To predefine both Template and Workspace as default, for example, Sweden and Template A:
    Workspace - Sweden
    Template - Template A
Keep in mind that if you want to predefine a default template, you must also define the workspace.

Another option would be to limit the Workspace/Templates list shown to the user by using Template -Show Only or Workspace -Show Only. 

For example: 

Workspace - Sweden

Template - Template A

Workspace -Show Only - {!$GlobalConstant.True}

In this case, the user would still be allowed to select other templates besides Template A (although this one is pre-selected for them) but could not choose a workspace other than Sweden.

Similar for Template -Show Only - {!$GlobalConstant.True} the user would still be allowed to select other Workspaces besides Sweden (although this one is pre-selected) but could not choose a template other than Template A.

Here's a video showing the complete setup and usage:

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