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Import signed contracts from Oneflow to Salesforce

Imported contracts are not updated when changes are made in Oneflow.
Contracts created directly in Oneflow don't show up in Salesforce compared to contracts created from Salesforce, which always appear both in Salesforce and Oneflow.

Oneflow contracts are saved in Salesforce as a record of Oneflow contracts. So, for each Oneflow contract, there will be a new record in Salesforce, meaning that importing a contract is the same as creating a new Oneflow contract record in Salesforce.

To import a contract:

  1. Open the CSV file with the list of contracts to import to Oneflow.
  2. Add an extra column to map a record to another record.
  3. Use Data Import Wizard to import the CSV file.
  4. Check if the contracts got imported.


Let's take a look at the example below, where a contract created in Oneflow should be listed in an opportunity:

  1. We have a CSV file, there are three columns:
    - Contract Name
    - Contract ID
    - Contract Status.
    You can find the contract ID in the contract's URL.

  2. Let's add the Opportunity column to place the imported contract in that opportunity.

  3. Use Data Import Wizard to import the CSV file.

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