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Getting started with Salesforce

Before beginning the installation process, please take a moment to confirm the following:

  • You need to log in to Oneflow and Salesforce with the same email.
  • Salesforce Edition: You have either an Enterprise, Unlimited or Professional with API access edition of Salesforce.
  • System Administrator:  Your user is a System Administrator on Salesforce.
  • Oneflow Account: You have an Oneflow Account and you are an Administrator.

When you are ready, please follow the installation and configuration steps:

Step 1: Download "Oneflow for Salesforce"

Step 2: Setup "Oneflow for Salesforce"

Step 3: Finish!

Download Oneflow for Salesforce

Click here or navigate to Salesforce AppExchange, search "Oneflow Application" and click "Get It Now".

And follow the instruction shown on the video.

To install in Production:

To install in Sandbox, follow the steps shown on the video but choose Sandbox instead.

Setup Oneflow for Salesforce

Once the installation is finished, navigate to Oneflow for Salesforce application and follow the steps shown on the video:

Now you are ready to use Oneflow for Salesforce!

Additionally, check out the following support articles:

Note: use the same email both to login on Salesforce and Oneflow.

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